Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Video is a powerful tool for communication. Although I didn't create the video linked here, myself and a colleague did dream it up, set up the experience, and had the vision to create the video and are currently utilizing it as a powerful messaging tool to our staff and greater community!

We are utilizing it to demonstrate collaboration, community partnerships, and as a relationship building tool!

The Evolving Educational Landscape

How does a shifting multi-media, technology focused landscape impact teaching? Sheninger explores this topic and more in, The Evolving Educational Landscape. Students and society in general are becoming more active users in technology, so how does or should this impact educational practice? How do educational leaders keep up with these changes? Society (including teachers and students) are engaged with the Internet, how do we utilize this to enhance classroom instruction and student learning rather than shy away from it. The internet can become a leverage for instruction if it's properly embraced. How can school be transformed to capitalize on a digital world?

Educational technology comes in many forms. As a building leader and lead learner, I must model the utilization of technology into practice. We're teaching students that are wired differently and in an effort to fully capture our audience and maximize student learning and achievement we need to shift our approach to instruction. A technological approach will get us there!

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Future Ready Summit

The sessions today served as a reminder to me that educators are in very different places with their technological skill and understanding. Professional development needs to be scaffolded for all ability levels... The go slow to go fast mantra should be utilized in our elementary schools when bringing on professional development in the technological niche.

My second session got me thinking today about new ways to utilize technology for professional development. Using web based training is currently an untapped resource in my school.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Today's learnings evened the playing field for me in the pro versus con debate over just how much technology we should be utilizing in our schools. I'm far more secure in realizing it's not about the devices. Rather, it's about good teaching. Technology is an effective teaching tool but remains one of many options. 

Response to Educational Technology Chapter

While there are pros and cons to the technological transformation in schools, the author of the article did a great job bringing us back to what's important. Good teaching, great strategies, and staying focused on the targets (where we are going). Technology is another tool to support this work. It will be the most effective tool in some circumstances and the least effective in others. Good teachers who know good teaching (strategies, targets, ways of learning, engagement, assessment, etc.) will be able to effectively discriminate among tools, utilizing a variety to cement student learning.
Technology is transforming education. As we pull forward in the transformation, school leaders must consider professional development of staff to ensure the transformation is effective for our students. It is our responsibility to embrace this transformation; strategizing along the way to ensure we're maximizing effectiveness.